10 days in Patong

In the last 10 days I moved to Phuket, a massive island in the south of Thailand. Here I found a cheap and very clean hotel in Patong, a small town on the sea. I really needed sun and beach! My first experience with the Thai sea was above the expectation. Read more →

First week in Bangkok

Here we are! Celebrating my first week in Bangkok! It is the first time out of Europe and the flight wasn’t as long as I thought. Watching movies, working and sleeping. So the time flew very fast. As I wrote before, I haven’t come here just for tourism so I haven’t been around in the most common zones. I spent most… Read more →

London vs Barcelona: which is the best city for living?

London vs Barcelona: which is the best city for living? Have you ever tried to choose where to live a long period of your life? Choosing is always a big challenge and everybody tries to collect as many information as they can. Having lived in Barcelona and London for three years each, many people asked me an opinion about which one… Read more →

I want to live in London

London has always been one of the centre of the European economy but since the financial crisis of 2009 became the main target of European emigration flow. Many people moved to the Perfidious Albion in the last years seeking employment. But how is to live in London? I would help people to have a better idea about what they can find in… Read more →